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Government registered, certified and ISO 9001: 2015 certified forensic experts in India. We cater whole of India and have local office/expert located in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Bengaluru etc etc......
  • Fingerprint Expert Examination

    The team of forensic fingerprint expert caters the need of examination of the fingerprint all over world and India.


  • Recording fingerprints Immigration

    We have a team of fingerprint experts who does recording of fingerprints by ink and roll methods and biometric (Machine) method approved by FBI for USA, Canada, State Police Finra etc etc.


  • Handwriting Experts/ Document Examination

    We have our forensic handwriting experts specialized in examination of questioned documents, handwriting matching, detect forgery on property documents, cheques, Wills forgery, financial documents, signature Forgery, Suicide Notes, Bank Forgery, Financial Documents and other important documents.

  • Lie Detector / Polygraphy Test

    J. K. Consultancy forensic Bureau provides lie detector / Polygraphy test by our reputed forensic experts. We have experienced and professional experts who does the lie detector / Polygraphy who is willing to undertake it.

  • Employee Verification

    We have a dedicated specialized team who does the employee verification for different organization, firms, MNC, Residential welfare associations etc etc.

  • Document & Certificate Attestation

    We do document / certificate attestation from Embassies (UAE, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia etc etc), Ministry of External / Foreign Affairs (MEA) and Ministry of Human Resources (MHA).

  • Seminar, Workshop and Lecture

    J. K. Consultancy forensic Bureau helps different organizations and institutions in conducting the workshops, Seminars, training and lectures etc etc.


card-holderCard holder :

A metallic cardholder made for holding the card of 8″*8″. Ideal for recording the fingerprint of FBI- FD 258 card, BCI card, CJIS-011, SBI-19 Etc. Ideal for the forensic labs and fingerprinting agency in India and abroad.


fingerprint-rollersFingerprint Rollers :

We have different types and different sizes of rollers available for spreading the ink on the slate. The sizes of the roller that are available with us are 2, 3 and 4 inch. Ideal for the forensic labs and fingerprinting agency in India and abroad.


liftersLifters :

We have high quality lifters that are ideal in lifting prints from any surface. We have a lifting tape and a black color and white color lifers that are used for lifting prints from different surfaces from the scene of crime. Ideal for the forensic Labs and fingerprinting agency in India and abroad.


slatesSlates :

We have different type of slates available with us used for the recording of the fingerprints. There are three type of slates available with us i.e. Ceramic, Glass and wooden. Ideal for the forensic labs and fingerprinting agency in India and abroad.


fingerprint-brushesFingerprint Brushes :

We have different type of high quality fingerprint, feather brushes, and magnetic brushes available with us. These are ideal for development of fingerprints at the scene of crime. Ideal for the forensic labs and fingerprinting agency in India and abroad.


measurement-scalesMeasurement Scales :

We have different measurement of scales available with us. These are high quality scales ideal for the forensic labs and fingerprinting agency in India and abroad.



fingerprinting-chartFingerprint Chart :

Teachers and CSI fans love this informative 21″ by 14″ wall chart illustrating common fingerprint comparison characteristics. With this learning aid you’ll know how to match prints like the pros. Ideal for the forensic labs and fingerprinting agency, training centre’s in India and abroad.


lnkless-fingerprint-padsInkless Fingerprint pads :

We deal in different kinds of inkless fingerprint pads. It helps you fight crime & fraud. Fingerprint also help in bringing qualitative change in the process of scrutiny/checking of irregularities, malpractice, cheating etc. so as to derive desired results by organizations taking finger print on various documents. Fingerprint pads are immensely useful for law enforcement Agencies, Passport offices, Banking, Mortgages, Notary, Financial Institutions, Recruitment Boards/Agencies, Transport Deptt./Driving License Issuing Authority, LIC, Post offices, retail businesses, Banks, pawn shops, and rental agencies etc. Available in round shape in 1.5″ and, 2″ diameter and in square shape in 2″ x 1.5″ and 3″ x 5″.




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